Dear Friends everywhere,

My apologies for the long delay in getting another newsletter out.  I was hoping to switch to a better service, but haven't made it happen yet, so we'll us this one again.

Brenda had her birthday yesterday and about two hundred wrote her on Facebook to wish her a happy birthday.  Thanks so much to all her precious friends.

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It's very easy to get fearful and lose hope when you watch the advance of ISIS, the acceleration of the war on Christianity, and the moral decline of America and the Western World, etc., etc.  The recent ISIS attacks in Paris not long after the downing of an airlines jet, highlight the dangerous world we live in and the fact that satan's forces are in full press mode. 

However, if we can step back and ask God to open our spiritual eyes of understanding, we will be filled with not only faith and hope, but also with excitement.  Many have been taught that the excitement is about the fact that Jesus is coming to take us out of the troubles via the rapture.  Actually, my excitement is that while the enemy is at work, God has a bigger plan and sees the bigger picture. 

The frightening events happening on the earth are going to be used by God to bring people to a position of need and desperation for protection and deliverance.  Israel didn't come out of Egypt until they were groaning in slavery.  Jews didn't return to their homeland until after the Holocaust.  America didn't become a free nation until they were severely oppressed by Britain.  God didn't cause the pain and suffering, but he turned the devil's worst attacks into something that brought great blessing to those who inherited the land.

God wants to bring America and the world out of the slavery to atheistic education and immorality.  He will use the fear and anxiety to open hearts to some good news from Christians who have their gifts ready to serve others.  We are seeing it happening more and more. 

God is increasing His anointing on His servants - those who really want to build His Kingdom, not their own.  He is raising up ministry training schools everywhere.  We have ministered in several of these this past year.

He is using more and more women leaders.  Women tend to be more servant-hearted than men.  We have close relationships as spiritual parents to at least a dozen women pastors and leaders in ministry these days.

But whether He uses a man or a woman, He is increasing the anointing on their gifts and preparing them to minister to hungry, thirsty souls who don't know where to turn.  Even the coming transfer of wealth will create needs for some who will lose their wealth and have nowhere to turn but to their Christian neighbors.

The BIG PICTURE then, is that the church of Jesus Christ is going to be empowered to combat the fear and dread of the enemies advances.  In fact, great victories over the enemy and radical Islam will be accomplished through prayer and miraculous answers to prayer.  Many more Muslims will be saved and many violent attacks will be thwarted by gifts of knowledge and wisdom and supernatural interventions. 

Instead of escaping the living hell on earth via the rapture, we will bring more of Heaven to earth and bring in the Great, Great Harvest of souls and prepare the Bride for her Bridegroom.  We will see more miracles in the days ahead than ever before in our lifetime, and we will experience God's powerful presence and consuming love in unprecedented ways.  If some of us die a martyr's death, it will be a great honor and highly rewarded in Heaven.  We can't lose, and the devil can't win.  Hallelujah!!!

God bless you all and have a great Thanksgiving!

Ben and Brenda Peters