Who We Are

Kingdom Sending Center (KSC) is a church to a few

and a 501c3 Christian ministry to many.

We are committed to preparing individuals to go to the nations and spheres of influence throughout the earth. 

We offer a broad range of training & equipping encounters to prepare "Sent Ones" to carry the blessing of God and make Him famous on the earth.

2017 KSC Prayer Room Hours

M 10am to 12pm

T 10am to 12pm

W 10am to 12pm

Th 10am to 12pm

F 10am to 12pm


The KSC Prayer Room is now open for 2017. 

Please plan to join us for enjoyable prayer, engaging worship, and expectant encounters with our God joined by His Beloved Son, Jesus the Messiah, and by Holy Spirit and His power.

Algonquin Address

1130 North Main St.
Algonquin, IL60102