Definition - the basis or groundwork of anything; the natural (or supernatural) or prepared ground (or base) on which a structure rests.

(This course was written by KSC Ministry Founder, Ben Peters, to prepare the saints for the work of the ministry, whether that is in ministry or the marketplace.)

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Ministry Foundations 101 (Download)

This course was created, developed, and designed by Ben Peters, KSC Ministry Founder.

"The KSC Foundations 101 course is amazing, and I found it to be extremely helpful in understanding the Bible and applying it to my life" - Mark O., Crystal Lake, IL

"This foundations course changed my life. It gave me new insights and new perspective on how to face my everyday challenges. I recommend it to anyone serious about seeking God and His will for your life." - Lyn J., Modesto, CA


The goal of this study is to help you be the best possible stewards of the gifts, talents, knowledge and experience that God has given to each of you.  

We invite all those who want to be faithful servants and working members of the body of Christ to join us in a journey of discovery.  We want to discover how and where we fit in His body so that together we can more efficiently build His Kingdom.
The journey will last about 10 weeks, if you do one lesson per week.  In the first seven lessons you will be asked to read one short book and respond with some comments.  For one of the lessons, you will complete a personal, spiritual and practical resume.   For the 1st lesson you will be given a personality test, which will help you to better understand yourself and those you live and work with (
This realignment for reassignment will help us all to find our place and do for Jesus what He has called and equipped us to do.  Identifying and walking in the gifts and talent you have been created with will help you take your place in the body of Christ, on the mountain of society that you have been called to.   
We know that in the past it has been common in churches to fail to recognize some of the gifts and talents that God has given people.  There are many reasons for this, but we want to do things better than the church has done in the past.  We, being His body, owe it to our Lord Jesus Christ to not waste His gifts, but to use them for His glory.
At the same time, we know that many church leaders have struggled finding qualified people to fill positions and when they do find people with the proper gifts, they often realized that the people with the greatest gifts often have the greatest personal conflicts with others on the team.
This course is designed to be a major source of help to both church leaders and the saints who want to serve the Kingdom of God as good stewards of God’s grace.