I saw many angels scurrying around, excitedly building a new platform.  They were building it out in the public square, where people came daily to do business and to meet with others. This platform had a high sign at the back of it that read, “JESUS IS LORD.”   The platform was being built for a new wave of Christian leaders that loved God passionately, and were not into ministry for personal gain or favor.  They were the young and the old, including former rebels and misfits, who had found purpose and belonging in the family of God.

Right now, I hear the Holy Spirit saying,

“Do not despise the testimony of former drug addicts, those formerly entangled with sexual sin or entertainers. 

Do not ignore political enemies who have come to know My love and power. 

I have promised that I would show you things that you’ve never known before, if you called on Me. 

I am about to release a wave of new things and your hearts will be overwhelmed with the changes that are coming.  I will not stop with changes and new things, however."

“I will double down on exposing wickedness wherever it exists, whether in government, business, entertainment or the church.  Be ready to cooperate with Me and listen to My voice.  

I will surprise even some of my most faithful friends with My wisdom and direction. 

I have not turned a deaf ear to any of your prayers. ( I have delayed some answers, in order to create a greater tidal wave of My glory that will come on the land, both in the United States of America, and in every other country, where people have been calling on My name for My intervention and mercy.”)



In reading the Book of Ruth again, the Holy Spirit highlighted the fact that Naomi and her family left Bethlehem because of famine.  Bethlehem simply means "The House of Bread". They left the House of Bread, because the supply of bread had ceased. Their stomachs were empty.  They had to go elsewhere to survive.

The Body of Christ is called to provide the Bread of Life to people. Sadly, many churches, denominations and ministries have forsaken the Bread of Life and offered nothing but artificial religious ingredients, or “Fake Bread.”  As a result, millions of people, especially young people, no longer participate. They have left the House of Bread.

The consequences of leaving the House of Bread have been devastating. Our social problems have multiplied exponentially since we took prayer and the Bible (the revelation of the Bread of Life) out of our schools and other public institutions.



Naomi got up and returned to Bethlehem, “For she had heard in the country of Moab, that the LORD had visited His people by giving them bread.”  Ruth 1:6.  

Yay God!!!  The Body of Christ will return to offering the true “Bread of Life” to those who come to eat from God's table. Jesus is sovereignly visiting His people, many of whom have been desperately calling on His name.

I see in the Spirit, and do declare and decree that massive multitudes are heading back to the House of Bread, after spending time in a spiritually foreign country.

Crowds will gather wherever the angels have built a platform for these emerging voices,  for these ministers of God's grace, of His love and of His power to transform.  These platforms will be built on every mountain of society – Family, Religion, Government, Education, Media, Entertainment and Business. 

Perhaps you are called to cooperate behind the scenes to help place someone on a platform.  Some of you may be called to be the voice that is on the platform.

If you are currently being prepared for such a position, and once you are placed in that position, you need a faithful team of prayer warriors and a spiritually strong backbone "made of steel". Let God prepare you, and be prepared, since attacks will come. Know that God will always take care of His people. 


While Naomi is a prophetic symbol of former believers and partakers of the Bread of Life, Ruth is a prophetic picture of those who have never tasted His bread before. 

I believe God is going to reveal Himself to the people of many nations, people who have worshipped many other gods and have found their lives empty.  When they see Christians coming back to that place of intimacy with the Bread of Life, they will be overwhelmed by Holy Spirit and will be drawn to come and taste of that Bread as well. Believers will welcome spiritual foreigners and encourage them to come along and partake of His fresh bread. 

Because of Ruth’s love and devotion to Naomi, and her willingness to leave her homeland and her religious faith, God bestowed a huge blessing on her through a wonderful man named Boaz.  Ruth not only ended up with a book in the Bible named after her, but she also became the great grandmother to David, Israel’s greatest king, which put her in the lineage of Jesus.  I believe this too is prophetic.  God is going to greatly honor some of those who have come to the House of Bread to partake of the Bread of Life. Some, like Paul, will have persecuted Him, even some of those who have served ISIS or other terrorist groups.  God will give Kingdom leaders the wisdom and grace to empower these, like Barnabas did for Paul, and they will accomplish great things for God.



I want to challenge you to ask God to show you how to cooperate with Him, and His ministering angels, in building platforms and in positioning His chosen voices to speak to the people of the Land. 

Ask Him to visit His people by bringing this Living Bread to them again.  Remember that the natural bread, that people ate in Jesus time, had many necessary nutrients to sustain life.  It wasn’t filled with artificial ingredients.  It wasn’t “Fake Bread.” 

Pray for the Body of Christ to actually function with incredible sacrificial love, and awesome displays of supernatural power, as Jesus did in His earthly body, and as the early church did as well.  May we, His body, be transformed into Living Bread for hungry people.

Delivered with a father's blessing,
Ben Peters,  Founder of Kingdom Sending Center