October 6, 2015

Brenda and I returned to our California residence yesterday afternoon, and were suddenly reminded that much of California does not participate in the normal seasonal changes that we grew up with.  So it's back to shorts and T-shirts again, until our next trip later this month to Ohio.  We do know it will cool down later, so we will get Autumn weather in Januaryand February.  Our ten day forecast has nine days in the low 90's F.

Meanwhile, we have to report that our trip was hugely blessed by God.  We met such wonderful new friends and renewed relationships with some previous friends.  The anointing was consistently strong on both of us and we heard many great testimonies of God's touch on people's lives.  The hospitality and generosity of our Canadian friends was outstanding and we have to thank God so much for allowing us the privilege of ministering to them.

This may be our last newsletter using our current newsletter service.  We hope to transition soon to a better company.  If we don't get another newsletter out soon, it will be because I'll be learning a new system.


Pray for Canada and their elections this month.  They have a Christian Prime Minister from Calgary, named Stephen Harper, but he's being challenged by others with different values.  Harper is one of the strongest supporters of Israel in the world.

Pray for America and another Great Awakening.  We are in a new season, filled with turmoil, change and shakings. It's a season that God can use greatly for His Kingdom advantage.  We need to pray like never before and join in unity with all Christians who want God's Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven.

One of the strongest messages God has given me in the past couple of months is the message on the storms the disciples experienced on the Sea of Galilee.  The prophetic word I received from the two different situations is that God is going to use the storms to unite His people.  Even those who didn't believe in miracles or didn't value His presence, will be doing the miracles themselves and loving His presence more than they ever imagined. 

As always, I want to encourage you to pray for the political process, that Christians would value the opportunity to choose leaders to represent them, knowing that leaders do lead, whether toward God and His ways, or away from Him and His ways.  While we still have some very good choices, let's let our voices be heard.  It's sad when it comes down to choosing the lesser of two or three evils.  It's usually our fault, because we were to busy or lazy to get involved when we had the better choices.  I won't name my favorites here, but if you email me, or Facebook message me, I'd be happy to discuss the candidates privately, if I find the time. 

I may not have answered everyone's letters while we were on the road.  We didn't always have internet access and our schedules were somewhat hectic.  However, I should be able to catch up in the next couple of weeks, so if you didn't get an answer, try resending your message.  Thanks for understanding.

Blessings and love to all,

Ben and Brenda