Discovering, Experiencing and Demonstrating the Maximum Goodness of God and His Kingdom

Jesus invites people to experience the maximum goodness of who He is and then demonstrate how His Kingdom operates. Together we will encourage each other to seek clear biblical understanding.

TWELVE is both a place and forum for discovery.  Together we will invite and seek innovative biblical understanding.  Our intent is to access and live all that is available with supernatural love, insight and power.

As a result we will equip, activate and send fully surrendered and effectively empowered lovers of God to influence society and nations in order to expand the Body of Christ and God’s Kingdom on the earth.

Discovery as a Community.

  1. Foster safe, growth-oriented relationships
  2. Provide opportunities to creatively partner with God and people
  3. Exemplify love, power, honor and freedom
  4. Inspire people to unravel the mysteries of God
  5. Be a diverse, multi-generational population from all walks of life

Discovery as a Life-Style.

  • Plunges participants into a life of experiencing and enjoying God
  • Highlights Holy Spirit as our leader, instructor, counselor and source of power
  • Cultivates loving God intimately, loving ourselves effectively, and loving others wholeheartedly
  • Launches individual giftings, skills, dreams, and potential toward their destiny
  • Is a laboratory where we "learn it to live it"

Discovery as an Adventure.

  • Uncover the maximum goodness of God
  • Achieve holistic transformation
  • Attain effective functioning
  • Obtain healing, miracles and wholeness
  • Produce God-breathed creativity and results
  • Live innovation

For this season TWELVE has taken on a number of engaging formats:

1.  KSC Saturday Trainings.  These very interactive, practical trainings are designed to equip you in core essentials of Christianity.  These Holy Spirit inspired trainings are led and facilitated by KSC Leadership to powerfully impact those who are seeking the "more of God" in a personal hands-on way. 

We invite you to join us on these selected Saturdays from 10am - 4pm to fully encounter what God has for you on these topics.  These trainings are being held at: 

KSC The Prayer Room, 1130 North Main Street, Algonquin, IL60102


Special Note:  To those of you who have attended KSC trainings in the past, although the topics may appear to be repeats or similar, the trainings are completely different.  By the power of Holy Spirit, as our refreshing Source, He has given us fresh revelation about each topic for your enjoyment.

Here's the current 2017 January-July Training schedule:

January 19th - Prophetic

February 25th - Freedom (sozo)

March 18th - Surprise

April 22nd - Biblical Dream Interpretation Healthy Relating

May 20th - Healthy Relating

June 24th - Healing Holistically (SEMPERFI)

July 8th - Healthy Parenting (Parenting, Grand-Parenting, Spiritual Mentoring)

August - Off


As we take a month off in August, please pray for us.  We will be humbly and prayerfully seeking God on what He wants us to train on in the months of September - December.  We would appreciate your prayer support very much.  We will be seeking Him for what He is saying to the Body of Christ in this coming season.  We are expectant and excited to go before Him (according to Isaiah 11:2).


2.  KSC Online Training.  This is an interactive course for those serving in ministry as a life-style, either as a volunteer or professionally.  This course will take you on a discovery journey through engaging topics to prepare you to be "sent" to your sphere of influence trained & equipped to make the difference you desire to make.

For more information about our Ministry Foundations 101 Course, please send us an email at:  We would love to send you the course outline and assist you with its completion. 

Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion confirming your accomplishment.


3.  KSC Books.  Our Ministry Founders, Ben & Brenda Peters have written over 20 books that have impacted thousands to go deeper into relationship with God, others, and given readers a better understanding of themselves.  The books are an easy read with many thought-provoking questions and content to stir your heart to pursue God with even more vigor and vitality.  To source these books, click HERE.


4.  KSC Handouts.  Over many years of training many people, we have developed a good number of practical handouts, we refer to as basic biblical principles of Christianity.  We will soon make these available for download (coming soon).