Power & Skill Training

Our purpose and calling is to train and equip fully empowered, Holy Spirit-led Kingdom-minded believers into their spheres of influence either in marketplace or ministry in nations.

We are currently on a PAUSE from regular practical skill training. We will continue to offer periodic foundational trainings. Check back here for an upcoming foundational (i.e. Freedom, Prophetic, Healing, Dream Interpretation, Healthy Relating, etc.) trainings.


First, we must be "rooted in love".  Everything we think, plan and do must come from love.  From the love of the Father, our God.  From a holistic, healthy love of themselves.  From an unbiased love of our neighbor regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, status, or background. 


Everything we say and do must come from the heart of the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and powered by Holy Spirit in relationship.  It's from this place that we are "effectively sent" to positively impact our world one person at a time.


But, before you are ready you must be "fully empowered" to carry out your calling with the knowledge, experience, and sense of what and how to do the work you are called to do.

Our trainings provide some of the vital information and tangible skill sets to assist you to respond to the people around you wherever you are called to go, and prepare you for specific opportunities, challenges and goals in their sphere of influence.

To assist you in your process of development and preparation to be "sent", some of our MOST IMPACTFUL and POPULAR trainings are:

Folding Five Ministries into One Powerful Team

Taking the Apostolic and Prophetic Reformation to the Next Powerful Level

  • Understanding the Key Five Functions

  • Understanding and Taking the Vision to the Next Level

  • Mastering Unity as Your Unfair Advantage

  • Growing into One Powerful Team

  • Mentoring:  Reproducing the Keys of Success into Others

Prophetic Encouragement

Presenting Positive Words of Encouragement

  • Understanding the Basics of Prophetic Encouragement

  • Advancing & Growing in the Prophetic Encouragement

  • Becoming a Powerful Prophetic Encourager

Dream Interpretation:

When God Speaks, Are You Listening?

  • Understanding Dreams and Accurately Interpreting Them

  • God, What Are You Saying & Doing and What Do I Do Now?

  • Understanding Visions and Those Who See In This Realm

Freedom as a Lifestyle in Community

Inner Healing & Deliverance

  • Understanding the Framework and Foundation of Freedom

  • Discovering, Discerning, and Dealing with the Hindrances to Freedom

  • Advancing in Freedom for Yourself

  • Effectively Ministering Freedom to Others

Healthy Relating

Responding From The Place of Grace

  • Discover & Understand the State of Your Relationships

  • Boundaries in Relationships

    • Family & Friends, Marriage, Ministry, Parenting, Workplace, etc.

  • Discover & Understand Your Primary Personality Profile, and How It Has Affects Your Life

  • Emotionally Responding - The Benefits, Skills and Expected Outcomes

God's Design Series:

Understanding the Heart of the Father

  • God's Design for Healthy Relationships:  Loving Yourself to Love Others

  • God's Design for Marriage:  Mutual Submission

  • God's Design for Parenting:  From the Heart of a Loving Father

7 Mountain Series: 

Being an Active Kingdom Asset (Agent)

  • Understanding the Seven Mountains (Spheres of Influence) of Society

  • Becoming an Positive Agent of Change:  Taking Your Mountain (with God's Help)

  • Preparing to be a Kingdom Asset In The Field of Play

  • Understanding Momentum in Mountain-Moving

Ministry Foundations 101:

Preparing The Saints for the Work of the Ministry

  • Pure Hearts & Pure Motives

  • The Importance of Unity

  • Understanding Our Roles as Kings

  • Knowing Our Destiny

  • Understanding Your Ministry Gifts

  • Prophetic Ministry - Strategic Keys to the Harvest

  • Understanding Some Basic Christian Doctrines

  • Creating Your Personal Ministry Resume

  • Understanding Your Personality & How Your Personality Interacts with Others

Becoming a Kingdom-Building Spiritual Community

  • KINGDOM as a Lifestyle in Community: On Earth as It is in Heaven

  • Seeing & Understanding Your Life from a KINGDOM Mindset

  • Becoming & Being a Successful KINGDOM Conduit

  • Leveraging Demand on God, the Faithful One

  • Advancing KINGDOM: Leaving the Results to God

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