We honor the Worshipers who lead us into encounter with God and have ushered us into His Presence.

We present to you the following music artists because they have sown into KSC over the years at KSC Conferences, monthly Encounter God Services, or weekly at The Prayer Room.


Mark Oliver, Mighty Warrior Music Int'l.

Currently, Mark serves as the Managing Director of the KSC Prayer Room.  He is gifted artist, musician, and leader.  We appreciate his support of the years in being who he is.  With that, give Mark a "shout out" and visit his website for more about his life and music (click on Mighty Warrior Music International above).


Jessica Seiler, KSC Worship Leader

Currently, Jess leads worship at KSC Encounter God Service.  We are currently encouraging Jess to make a way for God's people to be encouraged as we have been over the years.  Pray for her and KSC as we seek ways to bless you with her gift of worship.


Stephen Carter, KSC Worship Leader

Currently, Stephen leads worship at KSC Encounter God Service.  We are in process of bringing the blessing of Stephen's worship music.  Pray for KSC as we find a way to bring his gifting, music, and encouragement to the Body of Christ.