Leadership of The Prayer Room


Mark Oliver, Director


Mark has been involved in the mentoring and development of worship teams, leaders & musicians for over 20 years. He leads the team, and has worked with worshipers and creatives of all ages and has a passion to see them surrender their gifts and lives, and come to know who they are in Christ.

He also serves as Founder/ Director of Mighty Warrior Music, Int'l., a ministry, called to cultivate a new generation of worshipers.

Kathleen Thiessen, Director


Kathleen brings a passion for intimacy with God through worship, the Word, and prayer from a heart of love. She leads the team as well as spends time encouraging and teaching the “enjoyable prayer” model to individuals, teams and larger groups.

Participating in the prayer room in worship is also a big part of her life at The Prayer Room. With a background in directing music, teaching voice and preparing a confident audition in youth theater, Kathleen brings extension experience in voice and worship piano.


Joe Biga, Minister

Joe has a deep passion for prayer.  He is powerful prayer leader.  He serves many as they come to the Prayer Room for prayer, prophetic encouragement, and healing prayer.  He is foundational to the weekly functioning of the prayer room.  His vision for the prayer room is contagious and inspiring.

Leading prayer as a Prayer Leader is a large part of his life at The Prayer Room.  With his background in ministry, Joe brings servant leadership to this place of effective prayer.