Let's connect with power (Acts 1:8)

We invite you to personally connect with us.

Here are few ways to get to know who we are, what we are about, and learn our "Kingdom" culture.

Encounter God Service (EGS)

On the 2nd and 4th Friday night each month we get together for deep worship, prophetic sharing & encouragement, dream interpretation, and healing prayer at New Covenant Fellowship, 865 Parkway Avenue, Elgin, IL starting at 7pm.  Check out our calendar for the Friday nights we gather each month.

We distinctly begin with deep worship that lasts until our EGS Leadership Team senses the shift of Holy Spirit onto our personal ministry time.  Each EGS is unique, free-flowing, and seeks to host the Presence of God.

Click here to check out our Calendar of Events.

KSC Prayer Room

Our prayer room is open weekday mornings (Monday-Friday) from 10am-12pm.

  The Prayer Room address is:  1130 North Main Street, Algonquin, IL.

The Prayer Room is advancing the Kingdom of God through enjoyable worship and engaging prayer.  We invite you to join us at the prayer room - click here for our 2017 schedule.

KSC Ministry Year 2017-2018 Training Tracks        (Click HERE for more information)

At KSC Trainings, we are actively discovering, experiencing and demonstrating the maximum goodness of God and His Kingdom.  As a result, we are equipping, activating, and sending fully surrendered and effectively empowered lovers of God to influence society and nations in order to expand the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God on the earth.

Currently, we are in a PAUSE with KSC Trainings during August.  We are waiting on God to see what He wants to do with KSC Trainings, and what He is saying as we adventure forward in ministry with the authority and power of Holy Spirit.

In the interim, pray for KSC, its Board of Directors, Leadership Team, Staff and many Kingdom-minded volunteers.

We encourage anyone interested in understanding the heart of Kingdom Sending Center and our callings to consider working through KSC's Ministry Foundations 101 course.  We invite you to join us in the discovery of Ministry Foundations.  If you are interested, send KSC an email to:  KingdomSendingCenter@gmail.com, and in the subject line enter:  Ministry Foundations 101. A member of our team will get back to you with more information about the course.

Pray for the KSC TRAINING 2017-18 season as we watch & wait on God and His direction. 

We are praying for the content of our future trainings.  We are trusting Holy Spirit to give us a combination of past practical content with fresh revelation.  We invite you to pray with us as we seek to encourage, inspire, and advance the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

We expect God to show up in cool ways.  We are moving forward on a growing & stretching adventure in learning, as we merge biblical content with practical application.  We are developing and preparing Kingdom-minded leaders on mission-critical topics, like: wholistic healing, freedom (sozo) - as a life-style in community, prophetic encouragement, emotional responding, boundaries in relationships, intimacy needs, healthy relating, healthy parenting, and biblical dream interpretation, to name a few. 

All trainings are designed to make you ready to be sent into the marketplace and ministry as led by Holy Spirit with the authority and power of Jesus, and with the heart of God our Father.

If you would like to be trained in basic & advancing Essential Skills of Christianity to prepare you for your destiny, we invite you to join us.

We meet at the KSC Prayer Room in Algonquin, IL.  Check out our monthly calendar for upcoming topics and trainings.

Kingdom Family Ministry

Come for food, fun, adventure, worship and spiritual group as a family.  Parents and kids learn together to understand spiritual realities and how they apply to our lives in families.  Please bring a ready to serve, potluck-style dish each time we meet.

This ministry is currently in a season of rest.  Pray for our emerging leaders.  As we seek God on when, how, and where to continue this vital ministry of service, please check back to see the KSC Calendar for more information.

FREEDOM Ministry

We believe that God has given us a Pathway to Freedom that is seeing positive results that individuals are seeking.  If you are seeking FREEDOM either spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, every blessing, relationally, or financially, we would like to assist you. 

Our FREEDOM Ministers are trained and ready to assist you in your journey of personal freedom.  We have already seen hundreds move into greater levels of freedom.  Praise God! 

Testimonies come in each month from those receiving and seeing evidence of "good fruit" in their lives after a FREEDOM session with one of our ministers.

To schedule a FREEDOM (SOZO) session, click here for available dates/times, or contact us by completing and submitting the form below, or send us an email at:  KingdomSendingCenter@gmail.com, and in the SUBJECT LINE enter:  "I want to schedule a FREEDOM session".

Please be sure to indicate the urgency of your request, and any message of information you would like to provide in advance to describe the urgency of your situation.  All requests are handled with your privacy as our highest priority.

Name *
Date of Submission
Date of Submission
Urgency of Your Request *

Mighty Men MANdate

Come join MEN who are going hard after the heart of God. 

In the spirit of King David from the Old Testament and his mighty men, join us to:

  • Receive and give strong encouragement to one another (not "fixing" each other)

  • Agree in effective prayer (James 5:16) for one another as we expect God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) to show up strongly in our lives to bring provision, protection and the power to be godly men

  • Learn to respond to one another by first listening; second, being listened to by men who care; third, being appropriately responded to you with love, trust and confidentiality

  • We hope that you can join us, and please invite a friend (a man) who is seeking after God's heart.

Currently, we meet in one location::

Algonquin, IL - Tuesday nights from 7-9pm at The Prayer Room.  Click the KSC Calendar for the current dates of our next meetings at this location.

KSC Business

At the heart of this ministry is to strengthen the business conducted both in marketplace or in ministry.  As we began in January of 2013, God instructed us to invite businesses, ministries, and service organizations to receive prayer and prophetic encouragement. 

As we listened, our sense from God was to ONLY pray for those who received our invitation, and said "Yes, please pray for my business!"   The ministry has expanded to pray for more and more organizations.  It's exciting to be a PRAYER SHIELD for them each week.  Our role as CPO (Chief Prayer/Prophetic Officer) is really starting to pay off for them and us as we see God showing up in awesome and mighty ways.


It is from this strong position of agreement in prayer that we:

1.  Dedicate ourselves to pray each week on Thursday mornings from 10-11am at The Prayer Room for God's Spirit of love, grace, mercy, favor, and divine connection (to name a few) to pour out on each one (Isaiah 61:1-2; Luke 4:18-19).

2.  Expect God to show up in miraculous ways in each organization, in direct correlation and relationship as to what the person who asked us to pray is desiring, longing, or expecting.

3.  Are currently praying for over 300 organizations globally, and the number is growing each week, as more and more organizations are discovering this service of worship and prayer on their behalf..

If you would like KSC Business and The Prayer Room Team to pray for your organization (business, ministry, or service), simply let us know.  Respond here with your YES.

Or, simply send us an email at:  KSC4Business@gmail.com

Also, periodically we sent out an KSC Business update, sharing what we are praying over you, and asking you to share with us how God showed up (your testimony - "do it again, God") of the results of our effective prayers in agreement.  If we are already praying for you, please share your testimony of God's blessing on your organization (send us an email).


Kingdom Business Network (Coming Soon)

As God blesses the KSC Business, our vision is expanding to network together organizations who have service or product needs with others in the network who provide those products and services with the highest level of excellence and integrity.

Please prayerfully consider joining KBN as we prepare to launch in January 2018 to offer more than ministry to the marketplace.  In the near future, we will share more information about our networking events & business workshops. We will focus on the four major areas of any organization:  Executive, Finance, Marketing, and Operations.


In the meantime, if you would like more information on the Kingdom Business Network, send us an email at:  KSC4Business@gmail.com.