What exciting times! Gradually, we notice more and more of God's beloved children, all around us, experiencing blessings, breakthroughs, and new opportunities!! Thank you, Lord!!

One verse is being highlighted by God over and over, and it is being highlighted by a variety of people. It's John 10:10! Do you know it?

Remember in the beginning of the book of revelations, God repeats seven times: "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches."

We sincerely believe that God is speaking about the counter realities reported in John 10:10!

They are:

  • The thief, God's enemy and our enemy, Satan, comes only to steal, kill and destroy...
  • Jesus came so that we might have life and have it abundantly.

So what does our enemy try to steal?  Hope, faith, love, peace, clarity, destinies, health, finances, and more...

What does he try to kill? Bodies, Christian communities, God's best plans and intentions for us, etc.

What does our enemy try to destroy? Primarily relationship! Our relationship with God, with ourselves and with each other.

Well, what is this life that God brings?

First, it is the state of being alive and not dead😊 both naturally and spiritually, both now and for all of eternity!!

We are offered life, safe and secure in Father God, with all of the benefits of The New Covenant and with every spiritual blessing!!

Since God has been repeatedly highlighting this, we decided to research the meaning of the word "life". We found that it means: vigor, vitality, gusto, enthusiasm, dynamism and beyond. Wow!

What about, "abundantly"? Well that means to be present in great quantity, more than adequate, OVERsufficient!!

Hmmmm..... so God, You are highlighting both the problem and Your tremendous solution! We choose to agree with You!

Together, we stand in agreement with You and each other. We choose every aspect of the life and the abundance that You offer. By faith, we receive Your abundant and powerful help right now to take hold of every blessing that You provide. We choose to do so enthusiastically and with your dynamic power! Amen!

Valerie Coltman, Executive Director