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Ben and Brenda Peters minister with a passion to equip and send pure-hearted, Kingdom focused lovers of Jesus into the great harvest that has begun on earth. They began their ministry together, serving a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Parry, Saskatchewan. Soon after they partnered with an older pastor/evangelist, (a man with a strong healing and prophetic ministry from Albany, OR) for eight years. Following that, they founded Willapa Harbor Christian Fellowship and Christian Fellowship Academy in Raymond, WA, where they served for 15 years. They began a traveling ministry in 1999, under the name "Open Heart Ministries," taking the love of Jesus to thousands of people in a very unique team ministry.

The Peters are a well-established conference, church, retreat and home group ministry team with a passion for the healing of the body of Jesus, and the activation of each member into his or her destiny. They minister prophetically to those who come seeking God for a personal word. Today, Ben and Brenda are directing much of their energy into
the work of Kingdom Sending Center (KSC), which is administrated by a very gifted and dedicated team, training, equipping, activating and sending in a 2 Timothy 2:2 philosophy.

Ben has become known as an apostolic teacher with significant insights and revelation for the Body of Christ. Many Kingdom ministries look to Him and Brenda for spiritual covering or counsel. He has ministered to many pastors and other church leaders at various leadership conferences, both in North America and overseas. He has also taught Bible College courses and Wagner Leadership Institute classes.

Ben has authored more than 15 books filled with fresh insights, on subjects such as unity, signs and wonders, five fold ministry, revival, the emotional personality, intimacy and prophetic ministry. His most recent book is The Ultimate Convergence, a prophecy of the coming great harvest. Ben received his B.A. and M. Div. through Canadian Theological Seminary in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Brenda has responded to the call of God to use her prophetic and speaking gifts to encourage, edify and raise up as many members of the Body of Christ as she can. She grew up in Seattle and then attended Canadian Bible College in Regina, Saskatchewan, where she met her husband, Ben.

A mother of five children, who love and serve God, she has ministered for over forty years in a multitude of capacities. These include children and women's ministries as a pastor's wife, teaching phonetics, speaking in their Christian school, and serving as an operating room technician in both large and small hospitals. Brenda's reputation as a speaker and a personal prophetic minister has grown since the couple left their church in Raymond, WA in 1997. Brenda, alongside her husband, has ministered in large conferences and pastor's retreats internationally in North America, Asia (South Korea, Taiwan), Africa (Mozambique) and Israel.

Through her traumatic childhood and her adventures of life-on-the-road, Brenda's real life experiences have given her many impacting stories. Her audience often alternates between laughter and tears as they identify with her joys and pain. Many of her stories are recorded in her book, God is so God.

Brenda's unique style of ministry is practical, yet dynamic. It is both entertaining and heart felt. Ben and Brenda's focus within the Kingdom Sending Center community is to touch the people's hearts, to open them up to God's love and encourage them to serve God with all their soul, mind and strength.